It’s been a long journey.

About 14 years ago I remember taking my then trusted Olympus Superzoom 800 to my first trip outside Europe. I’d been a casual photographer for a few years already, but my love for travelling eventually gave me a good nudge in the direction of photography. A few trips and a new DSLR camera later and there was no turning back. Now, it’s not just about travelling any more, it’s about capturing moments in time and highlighting the stories around them.

Having lived in the UK for the last 17 years, it was inevitable that a strong interest in landscape and nature photography would come about. Looking for new challenges, I am now also quite keen on macro – a whole new world of perspectives – architecture and wildlife.

Looking through a lens and enjoying the world around us is very much rewarding in itself, but over the last few years other professional photographers have also given their stamp of approval on some of my work:
- International Photography Awards 2006 (Honorable Mention in ‘Landscapes’)
- PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2008 (Honorable Mention in ‘Series’)
- International Photography Awards 2013 (Honorable Mentions in ‘Landscapes’, ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Panoramic’)
- International Photography Awards 2015 (Honorable mentions in ‘Architecture: Buildings’, ‘Architecture: Interior’, ‘Fine Art: Landscape’ and ‘Fine Art: Abstract’)